Sunday, September 07, 2003

Pirates, Pimps and Disney Triv

Don't look at me like that... I took part in Boozey Disney Trivial Pirsuit last night. I had to drive home so my shots were Coca-Cola but it was fun! Basically you play it like you normally would and if you get to a cheesey question and you get it wrong, you have to take a short. Amy, my ickle sis, got very drunk and I ended up asking her a question after she had got a few cheesey ones wrong. I was pretending to mouth the answer to her and she was making the weirdest noises. I figured that she would say anything and managed to get her to say her own name about nine times before she realised. I guess you had to have been there.... Deacon, Amy's hubby, was in charge of the drinks and the shots he was giving out got bigger and bigger. Everyone was going for the Vodka but when that ran out, Emma (interweb fame beckons... pokepokepoke) had to go for Tequila. I nearly ran as she swallowed it and this funny look came over her face as the Tequila came galloping back up to say hello. Close call... I found out that I know absolutely NOTHING about Disney so I'm going to put this link in for future reference :)

Played Boozey Pictionary next. Amy tried to draw 'Government' by drawing a picture of Tony Blair. Of course, it looked nothing like him. It also turns out that Emma (look, it's your name on the interweb again.... pokepokepoke) thinks that our great nation is run by Lionel Blair. There's a whole entire website of stuff just waiting to be said about that, but I won't go into it. It was all fair and good apart from after I corrected her, she STILL thought it was Lionel...

Well, much oddness occurred and this is pretty normal for us. That's right, oddness IS normal. Like the dream I had about a shop in a volcano last night... odd. I thought I would do a post about it but I think that I've freaked you out enough with Boozey Disney Triv and Lionel Blair. (Please come back.... plaeseplaeseplaeseplaese)

Couple of other things for you...

This post is bought to you by PimpJuice. Let it loose, baby!

The countdown is on. Only twelve days until International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Mark September 19th in your diaries, kids! Yaaarrrr, Matey!!!!

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