Friday, March 25, 2005


Well, it was all set up to be an excellent career move. It's a company that makes plenty of money and is full of really intelligent and talented people all working towards the same goal. Problem is... I'm bored out of my skull!

At the last place I worked, a QUIET day would involve about 100 emails, one argument with the warehouse, ten confrontations with various sales people, I talked to suppliers all day and it was not just about work because I had got to know them and some were actually cool people. I was busy all day and you could tell because you would wonder where the time went.

Now, I would get two emails and talk to two people IN TOTAL. Bit of a contrast.

One thing is interesting though. People are often heard to say "Time goes SOOOO quick, I don't know where the year has gone!" I've figured it out finally. They're not bored... The last month feels like a YEAR! I'm BORED! BORED! BORED! If I knew for sure they didn't check, this blog would probably be bursting with updates. Unfortunately, the IT manager is a muppet so I can't risk it.

When I told someone at work, they said "At least you're getting paid for it." For some reason, that doesn't really work for me. I'll give it another month and see what they come up with.

Best Lineup Ever

Tickets for the Reading Festival have sold out already! Festivals are going to be BIG this year...

This is not a bad thing like it was last year because I got the tickets already and there's no need for ANY of us to panic and have to get ripped off by muppets on Ebay...

I wasn't going to go. I didn't really feel like it... until I started hearing the rumours. Furtive whispers in the darkest corners of the interweb were saying Iron Maiden were going to be there. And it's TRUE! The total MASTERS of true British Heavy Metal are going to play the Reading Festival! I'm not really that excited... no...

The Foo Fighters are appearing too. They are one of my favorite bands and I've never managed to get to see them in the entire ten years they've been going. I've always had the feeling that they'll split before I see them live. Still five months to go. Look on the bright side, they may simply cancel :)

Pixies, The Killers, Queens of the Stone Age, Kings of Leon, Razorlight, The Charlatans, Marilyn Manson and (drum roll) Iggy and the Stooges are going to be there too. IGGY! YAY!

Best festival lineup ever? Could be. And there's still another 100 or so bands to be announced...
:: This is so wrong that I really have nothing to say...
:: Break the internet!!!
:: F-A-C-T! Anyone who knows me knows I'm full of shit like this :)

Friday, March 04, 2005


Jeez... I've really become crap at this blogging lark. Anyone reading this must be REALLY bored. It goes like this... I think of something to write, start writing it, think "would I want to read that?", and most of the time it's "No!". I'm looking at the delete key now...

Well, I'll try and break out of it soon and just so there IS a point to this post, I give you... erm... Susannah Hoffs! Woohoo!