Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Permission to Land

YES! The Darkness are number one in the album chart!!! This is really excellent! They had been defeated by Queen Beyonce back in July and now they have finally made it!
I got Ping Pong on Wednesday, Needlework on Thursday, Dancing on a Friday Night!
Andy, Jay and myself are confirmed Darklings and now, I'm working on my family. I forced the album on Amy (ickle sister), Deacon (not-so-ickle brother-in-law) and Fi (ickle ickle sister) on the journey back from Thorpe Park on Sunday. I got a phone call from Amy earlier that went something like "You Bastard! I've been singing 'Get your hands off my wooo-man, mother fuc-keeeeer.' I'm even doing it at work! Me! Singing about women! And motherfuckers! And Deac's singing it too!" Needless to say, Permission to Land is on her shopping list...

If anyone is reading this and is not convinced by them, go to one of their gigs and allow them to Rock the Fuck out of you! Then you'll see what it is all about!

I'm seeing them on December 4th on their Christmas Tour. It's called the 'Elf Hazard' tour. Class... Pure Class :)

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