Wednesday, June 30, 2004

The Polyphonic Spree

I don't get The Polyphonic Spree. I saw them last year at the Reading Festival and I left early. I could have seen Linkin Park or "The Park" as they're know in the business (yes, I am mocking them...) I think I should try to understand them because they all look so happy when they are on stage and they obviously love what they do. However, I heavily suspect that their consciousness may well be chemically augmented. The whisper in the crowd was "Nobody take the brown pills going round." Still, I honestly don't know why I left early...

The Spree pwnz0r j00!!!111oneoneeleventwelve

Anyway, the point of this post is that I found their website and it's dead good. I also found a soothing little game with their music as the background. And you don't have to shoot anything with a nasty big gun or hit anything with a nasty big sword. An octopus eats a fish but that's as violent as it gets. Enjoy.

Friday, June 25, 2004

Urs Meier is a Twat!


Okay, so Urs Meier disallowing Sol Campbell's header on the line for fouling John Terry put us out of Euro 2004. But, Portugal were a better team and probably deserved to go through. They managed to keep the pressure up and we sat back and defended but we defended well. I can't believe Helder Postiga scored! He has been nothing but crap for Spurs and I was praying that karma would prevail and he would miss his penalty.

Wayne Rooney's injury was not that critical in my opinion. Yes he is an awesome player and has shone in this tournament but England is more than one player and the tabloids would do well to remember that this morning.

David Beckham is a shadow of his former self. I don't know what's wrong with him but he looks ill and he seems to have lost the spirit that he had in the qualifiers.

Ashley Cole managed to contain Cristiano Ronaldo and has had an awesome tournament as has Sol Campbell, NONE SHALL PASS!!!

Meh, I could go on. Just read the linky. The fact is we lost and we're going home. Euro 2004 is over now. I don't give a fuck about it. The Anthrax is in the post to Urs Meier. Wimbledon is on all next week so all I have to say, in my best menopausal squeal "Come on Tim"

Sunday, June 20, 2004


Deacon took me, Fetus and Chris to Santa Pod. We saw lots of cool Japanese cars and it rained lots. Deacon threw the Pulsar down the quarter mile.


Saturday, June 12, 2004

I turned over to E4 this morning after New Zealand bowled us out in the cricket. As you may know, two housemates have been put in a bedsit to spy on the Big Brother house.

The producers of Big Brother must be rolling around on the floor laughing. I can tell you that there is something VERY wrong with watching two people watching Big Brother.

Friday, June 11, 2004

Tantrums and Nakedness

Big Brother is TWISTED! I am yet to be convinced that Big Brother is Evil.

I'm sure some of the house mates are clutching at the threads of sanity. They appear to have been picked to cause each other the maximum amount of grief and have arguments. There are some real weirdoes. Emma is has the memory span of a goldfish, Marco is so camp it's not even funny, Nadia was a man once, Ahmed is unstable, etc. etc.

This year is different to previous years. By this time in the last Big Brother series, there are definite contenders and definite no-hopers. I can't see a clear winner yet.

Tonight, instead of the eviction, two of them were secretly stuck in a bedsit to spy on the others and "work for Big Brother". I can't wait for them to hear the others bitching. I wonder if they'll get to see the Diary Room. A funny thing is that I reckon the housemates will be scared to nominate Ahmed this week because they think he survived a vote with two "heavyweights" (Victor's word). It's all so fucked up...

More has happened in the last two weeks than in the entire last series. The dynamics of the group is great and I get the feeling that they could change in the blink of an eye. There is also tantrums and nakedness to keep the tabloids happy.

I haven't commented up until now because I wasn't too sure after the yawn-a-thon of Big Brother IV. This year, Big Brother is fantastic.

[images shamelessly stolen from here]
:: Awesome image of the Shuttle's vapourtrail
:: Screw the Euro, there is now a Galactic Currency.
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:: Die screaming with sharp things in your head
:: I wonder how this happened... Accidental condom inhalation
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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Pravda and Mossad

Never buy cheap UPS units. We had a feeble one on our server at work and I think we are talking lunched hard drives and melted processors.

These are some links I found while I have been 'busy'

:: According to, CIA and KGB were fighting for alien's dead body. (There's a lot of cool stuff here)
:: Check out Stupid Movie Physics. Every movie you've ever watched is wrong but you knew that already.
:: Micro$oft wins "Double-Click" patent row!!! WTF?
:: Anyone want to join Mossad, the Israeli Secret Service? Just fill in this application form here.

Burnout and Brain Jars

Well, the server here at work has self destructed so I thought I'd cruise on by here and do stuff.

The problem is I've got nothing to say... still suffering from burnout. It's not just blogging but I'm suffering burnout in a lot of things at the moment. I'm not going to say any more because my blog is read by people I know and more scarily by relatives. Many times recently (I can think of at least four since my last post) I have started a post and deleted it thinking "I don't want my mum to read that" or "my mate will be really pissed off at that". Oh well.

I saw the Transition of Venus first hand and it was well nice. I still had my eclipse shades from the 1999 total solar eclipse. They warn you not to use them but I can report that my retinas survived intact. The next one is in 2012 and that is it until the 22nd century. Blimey, I'll be a brain in a jar by then. The cosmic ballet goes on :)