Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Monday, June 27, 2005

Dustin Hoffman Syndrome

There's this website that I got severe Dustin Hoffman syndrome on. It is BugMeNot and it circumvents all the free registration crap that a lot of websites, especially newspapers, seem to want you to do. It's dead useful.

I also tried this fun exercise. I made a 12 track mix CD from my internal jukebox. No CD collection, no MP3s, no interweb. One is a little artificial because I had "River Deep Mountain High" infecting my brain after a conversation with a cow-orker and demanded a random tune title/artist from a mate on MSN.

Supergrass - Richard III
Garbage - Only Happy When It Rains
Metallica - Fuel
Megadeth - Sweating Bullets
Foo fighters - I'll Stick Around
Wildhearts - Everlone
Muse - New Born (I was actually thinking of Plug In Baby but got the title wrong)
Ash - Orpheus
Inspiral Carpets - I Want You
Kula Shaker - Hey Dude (courtesy of Jay)
Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Snoop Dogg – What’s my Name

I have no idea what it says about me but I do know that as soon as I got home (did this while bored at work...) and looked at my CDs, my choices instantly changed.

By the way, Dustin Hoffman syndrome refers to an incident many years ago, before IMDB, when myself and a friend were trying to remember who played that bloke in the film with the thingy (vagueness intended). I swear it was about 18 months before we remembered... it was Dustin Hoffman! I wonder if there's a proper medical term for that?

EDIT: Blimey... Two posts in less than a week!

EDIT: EDIT: What's with me and this EDIT thing? If I didn't do it, there would be five posts in less than a week.

EDIT: EDIT: EDIT: Meh... who's counting?

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Good Riddance

I'm still alive... honest. I saw Green Day in Milton Keynes on Sunday and they were absolutely awesome. In the words of the lead singer of Taking Back Sunday, "They rock so hard that you're gonna have your ass handed to you!" This is actually true. And there is something very appropriate and very satisfying about an utterly triumphant underdog singing "American Idiot" in the most soulless pseudo-American suburban sprawl in the United Kingdom. They are my favourite band for the foreseeable future... which probably means until straight after the Reading Festival :)

Have some links to celebrate the fact that I'm still here...

:: Bugger me it's hot! And why is air conditioning so flipping expensive? It's not anymore! If your a tightwad... make your own.
:: Strange smiling girl!
:: Kitten War! Yaaaaay!
:: Virtual Bubblewrap. Manic mode is the way to go! Must have moooooore!

EDIT: For some strange reason, spending half an hour blogging any old drivel has cheered me up no end.