Monday, September 22, 2003

Destructionism and OMG LOL WTF!11!!!!!111

Another unnecessarily violent flashy thing for you from the Orient. It's called Destructionism and you shoot people. How nice.

This made me laugh. It made me laugh A LOT. It's especially useful if you want to infiltrate the Busted message board or other such deviant and base sites. Here's one I made earlier... 'G3T UR HANDS OF MAH WOMAN MOTHERFUK3R1!1!1 LOL'. For those who are wondering, I have a pure and deep hatred of what is known as AOLspeak. For me, it is up there with spam and l33tspeak.

Last one. This is the Urban Dictionary. It's been around for a while so you may have seen it but I like it so have a play.

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