Friday, January 16, 2004

The Sun, Clare Short and Norks

The Sun's treatment of Clare Short is astonishingly bad.

She made a rather ill advised statement that "Page 3" should be banned. I personally think she is wrong and as long as consent is involved, who cares what people read or look at? Who cares if a vacuous airheaded model wants to get her norks out? That's a whole issue on it's own. I also think it tends towards censorship which is a bad thing. This, of course, is not where the big problem lies.

My problem is with The Sun, Rebakah Wade (the editor) and Rupert Murdoch. This "newspaper" freely appeals to the lowest common denominator and unfortunately they have the uncanny ability to work the ignorant masses up into a frenzy of mindless racism, homophobia and the like. Unfortunately for the outspoken MP, they have turned on her just as the matters of student fees and the Hutton inquiry into the death of Dr David Kelly are coming to a head and this sadly takes the emphasis away from these more important matters.

I'm no fan of Clare Short but this has driven me to send an email of support to her. Can you imagine the piles of emails from the idiots just intelligent enough to figure out how the use a computer? Actually, it's probably only three or four...

This post on this little blog in a quiet corner of the interweb will no doubt go unnoticed and the influence of Rupert Murdoch, Rebekah Wade and the tabloids will continue to titillate and lead the dribbling masses by the nose but how long can it last? We all know that it probably remain for a long time but the readership is at its lowest for years as people defect to the mostly harmless Star that doesn't even pretend to be a newspaper and very rarely pretends to be the moral crusader that The Sun so often pretends to be. In fact the Australian equivalent of The Sun folded in the 1980s due to issues very similar to this.

I'm going to keep an eye on this one. I have a feeling that this may get bigger if things continue like this...


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