Monday, January 12, 2004

:: Pee your name in the snow! Koala Tea!

:: Did you know that it's Internetional Prune Breakfast Month or that tomorrow's International Peach Melba Day? You didn't? That's not very good, is it. Go here to find out when the National & International Fruit and Vegetable Days, Weeks and Months are. I, for one, am going to make sure I'm in Armenia for August 31st!

:: And the Award for the most creative use of an ALT tag* goes to.... I laughed at this quite loudly...

:: Make your own freaky animal.

:: Wow! Tintin is 75. He doesn't look bad for an old codger.

:: This is VixenLove. Read the logs of poor internet junkies tricked into a relationship with a mindless program.

:: Things Creationists hate.

(*ALT tags make those little captions that pop up when you hover the mouse over a picture)

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