Saturday, January 17, 2004

The Catflap Incident

My Mum is has five cats. They are all very different. Tilly is a moody ginger kitty. Sky is a snobby blue Ragdoll. Mir is an unbelievably cheerful tortoiseshell. Badger is black as the night, the only boy, skinny as hell and a complete wimp. Finally there is Aurora who is a white behemoth and lazy as hell.

Aurora has a weight problem. She is the BIGGEST cat I have seen in ages. There was an incident a few weeks ago. Aurora decided to go outside and have a frolic. There was only the catflap between her and the garden. She had got to such a size that the catflap decided to give up and came right out of the door. Fortunately (or unfortunately for Aurora) my Mum was quick with the camera and caught Aurora on film wearing the catflap. It is now on Rate My Kitten for all the interweb to see.

Aurora is now on a diet and has developed a phobia of catflaps. The catflap is receiving counseling but has resumed its job.

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