Sunday, October 05, 2003

Paintball Hurts

Oh yes. It does! About twenty of my colleagues from work and I went to Action Paintball at Hurn yesterday and had a right laugh!

We started at 9:30am and played until 3:00pm. The games were really cool. There was Defend the Fort, Capture the Flag, Speedball and Checkpoint Charlie. These were all well organized with definite objectives. I didn't get hit too often and when I did it was in the face so my mask took the worst of it. In one game, we were desperately losing and I made a glory run for the objective and got shot up a treat! Again, not too bad. Three or four hits to my chest.

It did degenerate somewhat at about 2:00pm. The four guys who organized it from work were designated as prisoners. We started back to the 'base' and they did over the guards and legged it into nearby woods. About sixteen of us stormed in there and had to capture them. I got in there first and shot up two of them including my boss. (YES!). After a couple of minutes we had the prisoners but we didn't realize it and were still searching. We were all in a clearing and it degenerated a bit. For some reason, I started randomly shooting people. Not mental like, I hid behind people and popped of a few rounds. Then, Ivan lost his footing and fell over... one round straight in the arse! So of course he fired back. I dodged it and Richard who was stood behind me took one right in the gonads! Oucheee!

We lined up the prisoners and we did a firing squad! Hehe! The four prisoners consisted of two managers... They were blindfolded and the other two joined us. They were shot up a treat! Completely covered head to foot in yellow paint! To quote Karl, my boss, "That was unfunny!" Not from where I stood...

Last game was a free-for-all to use up the last of the ammo. Everyone legged it into a field and when the whistle blow, start shooting! Safe to say I got most of my bruises from this. I've counted them, 13 to my chest, 5 on my left leg, 4 on the right, 4 on the left arm, 3 on the right, 8 on the back, 1 on the left hand and an absolute doozey to the back of my head with a lump so big that feels like I'm growing another head. With this lot are the 3 times I took shots to the face, I make that 39 bruises and 42 hits in all.

So with all those bruises, why did I do it? I did it because it was on the company and it was great fun. A great way to completely knacker yourself.

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