Saturday, October 11, 2003

Hangovers are great. I keep finding cool interwebbery! I shouldn't really have a hangover. I went to a mates house to get sofa'd and watch DVDs and stuff and ended up having tres grandeness in town. I haven't drunk for six weeks so I went a bit mad and I'm suffering from a touch of memory loss... Anyway, on the the salty goodness of the intermaweb...

:: It's a dot. It farts. Pure genius.

:: Squish the human... Squash her! Squash her HARD!!! This one reminds me of Daley Thompson and Hypersports on the old Speccy for some reason.

:: Police Squad! In Color! Surely the best series ever! - Yes, but don't call me Shirley!

:: Perhaps one of the most interseting words in the English language today is the word fuck. This one made me laugh a lot.

:: This is Neurotically Yours. The adventures of a goth chick and her squirrel. Foamy's Rant is inspired.

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