Friday, October 24, 2003

Cindy Crawford

mole hidden This is the first of five in my all-time sexiest women list. It's in no particular order and the first is Cindy Crawford, one of the faces of the 90s and the epitome of supermodel.

I don't usually like models. They all look skinny and anorexic to me and they never have any boobs or curves. When I see them on television and in the magazines I find myself shouting "EAT SOMETHING" and wanting feed them some chips and a couple of doughnuts. Not our Cindy. She has a gorgeous full figure, when compared to the others, and an athletic look about her. With perfect looks and amazing brown eyes, she has graced more magazine covers than anyone else with over 400 and counting. Over-exposure you would think but I never get tired of seeing her.

She has, by most accounts, retained her American Midwestern values of courtesy and kindness and I reckon she's got a big brain too. She studied chemical engineering at the Northwestern University, on scholarship no less! All that exposure and the fact that she's got her grubby mitts into everything you could think of from the usual calendars and fitness videos to restaurants and jewellery as well as running her own company means that she is the highest paid model ever. I don't need to say anything else really becuase everyone knows who she is.

Oh... did I mention THAT mole?

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