Friday, June 11, 2004

Tantrums and Nakedness

Big Brother is TWISTED! I am yet to be convinced that Big Brother is Evil.

I'm sure some of the house mates are clutching at the threads of sanity. They appear to have been picked to cause each other the maximum amount of grief and have arguments. There are some real weirdoes. Emma is has the memory span of a goldfish, Marco is so camp it's not even funny, Nadia was a man once, Ahmed is unstable, etc. etc.

This year is different to previous years. By this time in the last Big Brother series, there are definite contenders and definite no-hopers. I can't see a clear winner yet.

Tonight, instead of the eviction, two of them were secretly stuck in a bedsit to spy on the others and "work for Big Brother". I can't wait for them to hear the others bitching. I wonder if they'll get to see the Diary Room. A funny thing is that I reckon the housemates will be scared to nominate Ahmed this week because they think he survived a vote with two "heavyweights" (Victor's word). It's all so fucked up...

More has happened in the last two weeks than in the entire last series. The dynamics of the group is great and I get the feeling that they could change in the blink of an eye. There is also tantrums and nakedness to keep the tabloids happy.

I haven't commented up until now because I wasn't too sure after the yawn-a-thon of Big Brother IV. This year, Big Brother is fantastic.

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