Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Lucky me... I'm Possessed

Well, it turns out that I have two spirits with me at all times. How nice for me...

It all began last week. We have a temp in who to all intents and purposes is slightly unhinged (pot-kettle-black etc.) Bless her heart, she tries her best to fit in with me and the rest of the team but she is trying so so hard that it gets a bit embarrassing for her. So, she ambles up to me and says, "Matt, this may sound a bit weird and don't freak out but you have two spirits standing behind you. I'm very sensitive to this sort of thing." I reply with my usual "How nice for you" and promptly freaked out. Over the past few days, I've noticed her looking at me and it's not... quite... right. I, naturally, tell a couple of people and it's all over the company before you can say "Chinese whisper."

Today, she reveled in front of everyone that one of them wears a uniform and has a moutache but she can't figure out the other one because they're shy. EEP!

Now I enjoy reading fiction about magic and sorcery and dragons and ghosts but unless it's scientifically proven, my opinion is that it may be possible but DEFINITELY not probable so I tend to dimes stuff like this. I suppose it's because I think about things too much and have too little blind faith in strangeness.

Still, I think I need to give them a name and some sort of identity. Suggestions welcome.

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