Thursday, February 12, 2004

Slack Blogging and A Gerbil

Sorry for not blogging anything here for a while. I'm still alive but I'm engrossed in a game called "X2: The Threat" and jolly good it is too!

One other thing, if anyone smokes, STOP! Not for the health reason or the financial reason but simply for the fact the I have been having some fantastic dreams since stopping and they are really vivid! I had one that involved a cheetah, a gerbil and sliding down banisters with them and the one I had last night was about a game show that my subconscious seems to have invented. I have never been able to remember dreams for more than a few moments after I wake up but I can remember the current batch as if I only just woke up. Unfortunately, none of them have been rude... yet ;)

And... the new series of 24 starts tonight. WOOHOO!

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