Friday, January 14, 2005

Sooner or Later II: Rhumba Winches

Some people take my blogging WAAAAY too seriously... Like the time I decided to post some Guns 'n' Roses lyrics... I BLOG FOR MY OWN FUN! I'm not sending messages to anyone. There are no cryptic crys for help. If I was attention seeking, do you think I'd be posting it on a blog that gets...

*actually checks site traffic for the first time in 6 months*

...11 visits a day. I mean, the last Google search to find my site was "rhumba winches". What the HELL are Rhumba Winches..?

*googles rhumba winches*

Blimmy! I'm fourth on the list! It looks like its some dance for wheelchairs...

Anyhoo, just so you know...

1. "Welcome to the Jungle" is a FINE tune. The only message that you should read into that is that I probably listen to Rock and Metal a lot more than you do.
2. I'm fine but still rather irritated, no really, but it doesn't stop them being complete BASTARDS!
3. My toe's fine too. I haven't kicked anything. But thanks for asking... (THIS IS A CRYPTIC MESSAGE, BROUGHT TO YOU BY RHUMBA WINCHES)

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