Friday, January 14, 2005

Huygens Lands

Huygens DescendsBlimmy! Aren't we clever little apes! We managed land a probe called Huygens on Titan. For those who don't know where Titan is, it's a flipping big moon orbiting Saturn and it took seven years to get there so it's quite far away. It's the only moon in the solar system with an atmosphere. The Huygens probe piggybacked on the Cassini spacecraft that left Earth in 1997 on a tour of Saturn and its moons.

This thing with Titan is that it's constantly under cloud cover so no-one has managed to see what is under there. They may find oceans of methane and/or a surface of sludgy frozen organic stuff and/or rock... they just don't know. I'm gagging to find out though.

I'm beyond help. It makes me feel like I'm nine again when the Voyager and Pioneer probes reached Jupiter and Saturn and the outer planets :)

I'll probably post more stuff later about what they found.

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