Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Maybe Mud Moshing

The Mud Fairy"Accept the mud and see it as a friend, be one with the mud and you will truly be free"
-graffiti, Glastonbury 1997

I'm going to the Reading Festival this weekend. It's going to be legendary one way or the other because the line-up is one of the best for ages and half the site is underwater at the moment.

I'm most looking forward to The Wildhearts because they rock and are one of my favourite bands and The White Stripes because they're really cool and had to miss last years Reading because Jack broke his hand. Been hearing interesting things about Avenged Sevenfold. Looks like that will be good for a mosh.

I managed to nick seven shoes off crowd surfers last year so I have a bit of a challenge especially seeing as there may be many wellies.

I will tell you all about it after my next bath :)

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