Tuesday, August 03, 2004


Nuclear bombs are bad, kids. Don't mess! Seriously!

We are a long way from the Cold War and the constant threat of a geriatric American and an even more geriatric Russian with big shiny red buttons that say "BOOM!" ready to nuke the crap out of each other. No, now we are just waiting for some brainwashed nutter terrorist to get a black market nuke from Uzbekistan or Ukraine and melt a few thousand people in the name of some crusty misunderstood god, and then get the crap nuked out of them by a geriatric American with a big shiny red button the says "BOOM!". Of course, we are now that much safer with the HM Department of Vague Paranoia's Preparing for Emergencies website... but I digress.

Nuclear explosions are really quite pretty if you can see past the fact that they are the most horrifying thing... ever... period, and I found some wallpapers which make for some wonderfully macabre desktops. I am freaking out my cow orkers with the Castle Bravo test explosion at the moment...

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