Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Good Riddance

I'm still alive... honest. I saw Green Day in Milton Keynes on Sunday and they were absolutely awesome. In the words of the lead singer of Taking Back Sunday, "They rock so hard that you're gonna have your ass handed to you!" This is actually true. And there is something very appropriate and very satisfying about an utterly triumphant underdog singing "American Idiot" in the most soulless pseudo-American suburban sprawl in the United Kingdom. They are my favourite band for the foreseeable future... which probably means until straight after the Reading Festival :)

Have some links to celebrate the fact that I'm still here...

:: Bugger me it's hot! And why is air conditioning so flipping expensive? It's not anymore! If your a tightwad... make your own.
:: Strange smiling girl!
:: Kitten War! Yaaaaay!
:: Virtual Bubblewrap. Manic mode is the way to go! Must have moooooore!

EDIT: For some strange reason, spending half an hour blogging any old drivel has cheered me up no end.

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