Sunday, May 29, 2005

Go Dan!

WinnerDan Wheldon has won the Indy 500! It was the best race I've seen all year. At the end there were four drivers who could have taken it and our Dan ended up on top. There was a woman leading the race with 10 laps left which is great. Kudos to Danica Patrick who showed most of the field how to race. The coverage from America was such that you would have thought that Danica had won... that's the Americans for you. You can rely on them to devalue any achievement by a non-American.

Also, I'm waiting to see what sort of coverage his win will get over here. I'll be surprised if anyone will be aware of what he has achieved. The Indy 500 may not be the absolute pinnacle of motorsport but in my opinion, its the best spectacle in motorsport so far this year.

It's a shame I made such a negative post from such a truly positive event so I'll finish with a...


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