Saturday, September 18, 2004

Recent Search Terms

People found my blog using these search terms...
  • raikonnen wedding (oh the charisma!!!)
  • susanna hoffs earnings (i’d like to see her earnings…. woof!)
  • "Brigit Holmquist" picture (i think this is Uma's gran...)
  • Metallica Ride the lightning image large (ROCK!)
  • "hurricane matthew" (yep… I’m full of wind)
  • Destructionism (?)
  • disney pictionary (??)
  • tibetan buddhist wavs (om!)
  • leia bikini desktop images (woof!)
  • "Dave Clark Five"+"right click (who?)
  • maffydoo (at least SOMEONE found what they were looking for)
  • Neurotically Yours Videos (?)
  • "Hurricane Matthew" (still full of wind)
  • Pulp Fiction Jackrabbit Dancing Animated GIF (hehe)
  • timothy leary nena (WTF?)
  • hazel irvine boobs (who’s she?)
  • The Applicators Puke on you (i’m sure they do…)
  • HM Department of Vague Paranoia's Preparing for Emergencies (tis funny)
  • the darkness, mosh, moshing, reading (see you down the front!!)
  • stupid people video
  • catsuit in the 1970 (rawr!)
  • cindy crawford sixteen
  • tibetan monk wavs (OM!)
  • 'texas' & 'charlene spiteri' (schwing!)
  • "flying planet" sci fi
  • the matrix flash version stickman
  • last action hero "I have just shot someone, I did it on purpose." (bloody funny quote)
  • stickman kung foo
  • free heavy fuckers bic (wtf?)
  • anna nicole smith is a fucking cunt sum 41
  • spandex "black and white stripes" (Metaaaaaaaaaal!)

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