Sunday, May 16, 2004


KHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!!!!It is the epitome of William Shatner in the film that is the best thing about Star Trek. For the uninitiated, there is a scene in "Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan" that has claimed a place in Sci-Fi history. The main baddy Khan (Ricardo Monteblan complete with fake chest) has marooned Kirk and his buddies in the centre of a big rock and is sat in orbit feeling quite smug and is mocking him on the communicator.

Kirk: Khan. Khan, you've got Genesis, but you don't have me. You were going to kill me Khan. You're going to have to come down here. You're going to have to come down here!
Khan: I've done far worse than kill you. I've hurt you. And I wish to go on hurting you. I shall leave you as you left me, as you left her. Marooned for all eternity, in the centre of a dead planet. Buried alive. Buried alive.

I'm not sure on the spelling but that's how it goes off on screen. Ultimate melodramatic Shatner camp acting.

Actually, the original purpose of the post was to link to this which made me laugh like an idiot when I saw it. I digressed a bit. Enjoy.

EDIT: This was in the b3ta newsletter and it looks like the extra visitors broke it...

EDIT2: You have GOT to be joking...

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