Friday, November 21, 2003

Maffy's day-off linkys

I've got today off work so to celebrate, here are some cool links I found over the last week.

::Boobies! Woo-Hoo!


::Check out this Drift Challenge. (Warning: 18mb dowload, right click recommended)

::The moon landings... fake? Couldn't be. This article makes an awful lot of sense though...

::We knew stealing that music was wrong. Stealing is never OK. But, it was just too easy. Want to make it right again? The solution: Send Them Back!!

::Try out this self-hypnosis thingy. You'll be barking like a dog in NO time.

::Weird Trippy Artsy Japanese Stuff. Yay for this sort of thing!

::Dude barfs then gets thirsty. Top sound on this flashy thing. Reminds me of Jay's comedy pukage.

::Star Wars helmets! Woohoo! Collect them ALL!

::Here is a groovy Japanese game where you're a small circular thing with a mouth that wants to eat much bigger things, but only if they're happy. Big grumpy things are no good - they taste bad. And Angry things are downright poisonous.

That is all!

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