Saturday, August 30, 2003

Thorpe Park

I'm back again. What a laugh that was. Left the flat WAY too early for Sunday and made my way to Southampton to meet up with the guys I'm going with.

Once we get there, the first ride we go on is the Colossus. It has the world record for the most inversions on a roller coaster. As well as height restrictions, you can't go on it if you have enormous boobies so be warned! FUN! It's the best roller coaster I've been on in a while. The upside downy stuff is a hoot!

Next I went on No Way Out. It's a roller coaster completely enclosed in a big pyramid. I got into the front car and it only went bloody backwards! It's pitch black with the occasional strobe for atmosphere. Very cool! You have no idea where it's going to go next.

Then we went on the Detonator. It's really simple. Basically, it winches you about 40 metres up and lets you drop! I thought I would try and fight my instinct to hold on to something and succeeded! It's bloody MENTAL! It gave me and my friends the biggest buzz of the day by a long way! I was shaking when I got off it.

Next was Nemesis Inferno. Dangly leg action and twirly stuff. Nice touch when you go through a "volanic" cave in the dark with glowy red stuff.

Went on the Rhumba Rapids. Sounded more exciting when it used to be Thunder River and it wasn't sponsored by Ribena. Twirly floaty moist fun. Spinny tea cups next. Can't go to Thorpe Park without going on the Spinny tea cups.

Next was the Tidal Wave. This one is bloody high! It's about 30 metres up and it throws you into the water and creates a massive wave. When you first hit, you instantly think "that wasn't to bad". The the water comes down, and keeps coming, and keeps coming! I got absolutely drenched. Emma had excellent drowned-rat-comedy-hair-with-a-parting-in-the-back.

Then we went to Pirates 4-D. Vibraty chair, blowy, squirty 3-D cinema action with Leslie Nielsen and Eric Idle. The 3-D spider made me cack myself!

Last ride we went on was Quantum. It's like a platform that is lifted into the air on spinny stuff. Pretty cool. Tame enough to goof around on. I was sat opposite my sister. She screamed lots.

And that was it. What a laugh. Thoroughly enjoyed it and successfully regressed to my childhood (although that not too difficult for me... hehe.)

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