Monday, August 18, 2003

I'm going to the Reading Festival and the Dons won

Feltham 0-2 AFC Wimbledon. And Withdean lost! Top start to our promotion season! Woo!

Yay! I'm going to sit in a field getting wasted and listening to live music for three days! I haven't been to a festival since Glastonbury 2000 but I still consider myself a festival crusty. Or I will do after two days of dirt and vodka. It's really strange because I'm a total lightweight when it comes to drink and debauchery but stick me in a field with a live band and booze and I'd drink anyone under the table.

I'm going with Andy (true rocker) and Jay (music snob), like me, veterans of several festivals. I'm not sure who I'm going to see and I'm not really planning anything. The official site is here. On the Main Stage, I want to see Blink 182, Placebo, The Darkness, Blur, Beck, Doves, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Primal Scream, System of a Down and Metallica. I don't really know many of the bands on the other stages but hopefully it will expand my horizons again. As always at festivals, there are some NIGHTMARE clashes, like Metallica and The Music.

I'm currently listening to Permission to Land by The Darkness and St Anger by Metallica.

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