Monday, February 07, 2005


Just so you all know, I'm really rushed off my feet at work at the moment. With three days left before my redundancy, I thought I should show exactly how busy I am by sharing this link. Toilets for fat people! Crikey! I also found out that some Sumo Wrestlers are so big that they have to get helpers to hold thier buttocks apart while they curl one out.

This all links in quite nicely to the fact that I have been on a diet for the last few weeks and I broke through a stone of weight loss. A lot more of my clothes fit and it's pretty good going but it's a tad rapid. At least all the stress of redundancy and impending unemployment is going to some good use.

And while I'm on about unemployment, here's a great flash film about an orange former daytime talk show host. I find that funniest thing about him is that he's not even good enough for the UKIP. (go on, click that one too...)

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