Tuesday, July 20, 2004


This is REALLY odd....

Right... There's this old Somalian fella, his name's Ahmed. You might have heard of him. He recently lost in some obscure game show that I know a few of you are watching. I believe it's called Big Brother. Anyhow, this year the focus was on the fact that this particular edition of the game show was going to "evil". So, they didn't pick the usual normal, "mentally sturdy" (for want of a better word) types. They picked a few total loons and chief among them was that chap I mentioned up there... Ahmed. His sole purpose upon entering the game show was to go mental and wind the others up. Well, he went mental and the others got wound up. He tried a military coup for fuck's sake! Cuckoo!

You don't believe me? Okay, cop a listen of this! I reckon he's lost it... Fame WILL destroy this man. Ciao!

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