Tuesday, March 02, 2004

What's happening on Planet:Maffydoo?

I don't really know... After many months, I seem to have lost the bug, my blogging muse is no longer speaking to me, I have hit a wall, I have plateau'd, I have blogger's block.

I'LL BE BACK!!!What has changed to make this happen? I have no idea. I suspect a lot of bloggers go through this but because Planet:Maffydoo and Vanishing Maffydoo is the only meaningful (to me...) presence I have on this big old interweb, I'm not packing it in or anything drastic like that.

I still like my blogs and I'm positive I still enjoy writing stuff for them. I've learned a lot about web design, Javascript and HTML and I found myself trawling the web for interesting stuff and learned a lot from that. I've also found some classic stuff which made me laugh and all of the stuff is on here because I liked it and wanted to share it.

I guess what I really want to say is that Planet:Maffydoo is not dead, not by a long way.

In the words of the governor of California, "I'll be back!"

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